About Postal Code Chronicles


Postal Code Chronicles is a podcast that was started by a handful of Canadian university students in the winter of 2018. We listened to a lot of podcasts and thought it would be exciting to make one. Without a website, an RSS feed or even a location to record we started reaching out to potential guests. We were (and still are) very naive about how to make this podcast take off. We started this entire stunt with the goal of talking to people we thought lived interesting lives.

Where We Are Today

The entire volunteer team has graduated from school and we all work on this part-time. The podcast is strung together by a group of friends and some royalty-free music. Our original goal of speaking with cool people is still at the heart of why we do what we do, but from the beginning, we knew we only wanted to interview Canadians.


We are currently working on season 2 and we have a very simple goal: publish more interviews. Our entire team is volunteer-based but we are still very excited about what we have accomplished and what is to come.



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Postal Code Chronicles

Postal Code Chronicles


Postal Code Chronicles is a podcast series set out to celebrate Canadians and explore the different stories in our country. More at postalcodechronicles.com